The Most Expensive Auto Body Repairs

The cost of auto body repair is one of the most commonly asked questions about car damage. While many auto body shops often claim affordable car repairs, the prices significantly vary depending on the particular damages on the car, the affected parts, and the extent of the damage. Besides, the specific repair treatments administered on the vehicle may also impact the overall body repair costs. Nevertheless, the following are the most expensive auto body repairs. 

Bumper and Grills Repair 

The bumpers and grills on most modern vehicles integrate with the lights, airbag sensors, warning systems, and even the air intakes. Replacing a bumper can cost between $300 and $700, and that figure would likely increase if it integrates other systems. However, repairs often take more time, and paint finishes could shoot prices significantly. 


Even seemingly minor dents could cost you a lot of money to fix. Some shops’ estimates start from about $25 per inch of the damaged surface. Dent repairs cost an average of $135, but the fees can increase if you have a high-end car model. Such cars also usually require a specialist to fix, increasing the costs further. 


Headlamps often require replacements, and the costs mainly depend on the brand, add-on features, and manufacturing. The high costs of replacing headlamps are due to technological advancements. For instance, replacing HID headlamps can cost up to $1500. However, even replacing older headlamps can cost up to $700. 

The Hood 

The cost also varies according to the car type, but hood repairs and replacements usually cost quite a lot. Fixing minor issues on parts of the hood could cost a little over $100, but significant damages and replacements require a professional touch that impacts higher costs.

The above auto body repairs are the most expensive. However, body repair costs may also dramatically go up for luxury, sports, and heavy-duty vehicles because their parts are generally costly.