Signs of Auto Body Shop Scam

Signs of Auto Body Shop Scam

No matter how good you take care of your vehicle, you will want to take it for repair at an auto body shop at some point. This can be due to an accident or the need to restore the car to an original condition. However, it’s important to ensure that you take your car to a trustworthy auto body shop. If you notice the following signs at the auto body shop where you take your car, go somewhere else because you are probably being scammed.

Many Delays

It’s normal to encounter delays. For instance, the auto body shop where you take your car for repair can face unexpected problems. However, if you notice many delays, chances are that you are being scammed. Therefore, if the auto body shop doesn’t want to give you the date when your job will be completed or you are always being told to wait, look somewhere else. Essentially, take your car for repair at a shop that keeps deadlines.

Price Changes

A reputable auto body shop sticks to the prices that it gives clients. Obviously, unexpected costs may arise due to hidden damage. However, if the shop is always asking you to pay more for repairs, be cautious. An auto body shop can quote a low price as a tactic for hooking vehicle owners. This will be followed by price changes that will end up increasing the cost of repair higher than expected.

Evasive Behavior

Once you request an estimate, a reputable body shop will give you a printed or written estimate copy. Using this copy, you can hold the shop to account. If you notice that an auto body shop is always evasive in explaining the estimate or not ready to provide a written estimate, you are most likely being scammed.

Working with the wrong auto body shop will give you a terrible experience. Watch for these signs of auto body shop scam to find a shop that provides quality and honest service. Check this out if you care to read more.