The Most Expensive Auto Body Repairs

The cost of auto body repair is one of the most commonly asked questions about car damage. While many auto body shops often claim affordable car repairs, the prices significantly vary depending on the particular damages on the car, the affected parts, and the extent of the damage. Besides, the specific repair treatments administered on the vehicle may also impact the overall body repair costs. Nevertheless, the following are the most expensive auto body repairs. 

Bumper and Grills Repair 

The bumpers and grills on most modern vehicles integrate with the lights, airbag sensors, warning systems, and even the air intakes. Replacing a bumper can cost between $300 and $700, and that figure would likely increase if it integrates other systems. However, repairs often take more time, and paint finishes could shoot prices significantly. 


Even seemingly minor dents could cost you a lot of money to fix. Some shops’ estimates start from about $25 per inch of the damaged surface. Dent repairs cost an average of $135, but the fees can increase if you have a high-end car model. Such cars also usually require a specialist to fix, increasing the costs further. 


Headlamps often require replacements, and the costs mainly depend on the brand, add-on features, and manufacturing. The high costs of replacing headlamps are due to technological advancements. For instance, replacing HID headlamps can cost up to $1500. However, even replacing older headlamps can cost up to $700. 

The Hood 

The cost also varies according to the car type, but hood repairs and replacements usually cost quite a lot. Fixing minor issues on parts of the hood could cost a little over $100, but significant damages and replacements require a professional touch that impacts higher costs.

The above auto body repairs are the most expensive. However, body repair costs may also dramatically go up for luxury, sports, and heavy-duty vehicles because their parts are generally costly. 

Fact and Fiction About Collision Repair

Collision accidents can impact severe damage to your car. While severe defects on critical parts could even see you lose the vehicle, a professional can still fix various kinds of collision damages. Nevertheless, you must know what happens during collision repair to avoid surprises. Here are the common misconceptions and facts about collision repair. 

Fiction: The Auto Insurance Company Will Select the Auto Body Shop to Visit 

Your insurance provider may recommend some auto body shops to repair your car during a collision accident. However, you are free to choose an auto body repair shop that you trust. 

Fact: The Insurance Company May Not Cover All the Repair Costs 

Please talk to your insurance company once the accident occurs to determine what their policy will cover during repairs. In most cases, you should expect to pay at least a deductible. Collision coverage policies usually cover damages incurred during a collision, but you need a comprehensive collision policy to cover other damages that may have occurred before the incident. 

Fiction: Collision Repairs Usually Take A lot of Time and Money 

The amount of money, time, and labor involved in collision repair depends on the specific damages incurred, affected components, and extent of the damage. However, professional auto body shops usually have several technicians to handle the various repair works on time and effectively. Some shops will even offer you a temporary car rental for convenience. 

Fact: Not All Appraisals Are Equal 

Car body shops will only provide an estimate after thoroughly assessing the damage. The cost estimates will vary significantly based on the damage, affected components, severity of impact, and car model. 

Collision repair is critical to restoring your car’s appearance and performance after an accident. The above article has outlined what you should expect when seeking an auto body shop for collision repair. 

Car Paint Protection – How to Avoid Parking Lot Dents

Sturdy and smooth paintwork significantly improves the looks and appearance of the car. Besides aesthetics, car paint also cushions the body panels from defects caused by scratches and rust. That is why car paint protection is a necessary maintenance procedure recommended for every vehicle. The following are the best tips on how to avoid parking lot dents that could damage your car’s paintwork. 

Do Not Park Too Close to the Entry and Exit Points 

Most dents often occur at the entry and exit points when drivers make maneuvers to enter or leave the parking lots. Those points usually experience heavy traffic, making it difficult for inexperienced drivers to turn without scratching other cars. Consider parking at the end slots, with only one side exposed to another vehicle. 

Exercise Caution When Driving in Parking Lots 

Several cases of parking lot dents also occur because some drivers park in a hurry, without watching the distance between the cars in front, at the rear, and sides. Use the side mirrors and rearview mirror to guide you when parking. That will enable you to avoid scratching your car onto other vehicles. 

Maintain the Stipulated Speed Limits 

Parking lots, especially those that experience heavy car traffic, usually have speed limits that drivers should observe within the spaces. Speeding in a parking lot can easily result in a collision and other costly accidents. However, maintaining moderate and lower speeds allows you to maneuver the parking lot safely, avoiding dents on your car. 

Park near Cars with the Same Height as Your Car 

Parking next to cars with the same height as your car can also help avoid dents since it makes it easier to turn and make maneuvers without scratching them. Avoid parking next to compact vehicles because they leave much room between cars, increasing the risk of scratches. 

Parking lots comprise of different cars and drivers with different experiences. Thus, you should observe the above guidelines and remain cautious when using parking lots to protect your car’s paintwork and avoid accidents.

Why You Should Have a Certified Auto Body Shop Repair Your Vehicle

Every vehicle owner or driver is frustrated by a car accident, whether major or minor. Even when nobody has been injured during the accident, you still have to deal with repairs. Many auto body shops may purport to have the most qualified technicians to repair your vehicle. However, you should choose a professional auto body shop to get quality results. Here are some of the reasons to choose a certified auto body shop for your vehicle repair. 

Specialized Training and Experience 

A certified auto body shop has qualified technicians with specialized training and experience. These are professionals that know how your vehicle is designed and how it should look and function. They also have the right tools, skills, and experience to repair any damage to your vehicle. Perhaps, you can know the certifications that an auto body shop has by looking at the logos on its windows and doors. 

Since the technicians of a good auto body shop have specialized training, they will diagnose and fix your vehicle’s damage faster. What’s more, certification of an auto body repair shop means it has undergone inspection for quality and ability to meet high standards. Thus, you will get quality repairs when you take your vehicle for repair at a certified auto body shop. 

Sterling Reputation 

The ability to provide quality and efficient repairs earn auto body shops their reputation. A certified auto body shop has earned an excellent reputation for exceeding the expectations of vehicle owners and drivers when it comes to providing repairs. For an auto body repair to earn a sterling reputation, it must also use quality parts to repair vehicles. 

Therefore, you’re assured that your vehicle will be repaired by the right technicians using quality parts. The right tools will also be used to repair your car. This will enable the technicians to deliver excellent results. 

A certified auto body shop has what it takes to deliver excellent results with most repairs. Therefore, take your vehicle to a certified auto repair shop to get value for every cent you invest in its services.