Fact and Fiction About Collision Repair

Collision accidents can impact severe damage to your car. While severe defects on critical parts could even see you lose the vehicle, a professional can still fix various kinds of collision damages. Nevertheless, you must know what happens during collision repair to avoid surprises. Here are the common misconceptions and facts about collision repair. 

Fiction: The Auto Insurance Company Will Select the Auto Body Shop to Visit 

Your insurance provider may recommend some auto body shops to repair your car during a collision accident. However, you are free to choose an auto body repair shop that you trust. 

Fact: The Insurance Company May Not Cover All the Repair Costs 

Please talk to your insurance company once the accident occurs to determine what their policy will cover during repairs. In most cases, you should expect to pay at least a deductible. Collision coverage policies usually cover damages incurred during a collision, but you need a comprehensive collision policy to cover other damages that may have occurred before the incident. 

Fiction: Collision Repairs Usually Take A lot of Time and Money 

The amount of money, time, and labor involved in collision repair depends on the specific damages incurred, affected components, and extent of the damage. However, professional auto body shops usually have several technicians to handle the various repair works on time and effectively. Some shops will even offer you a temporary car rental for convenience. 

Fact: Not All Appraisals Are Equal 

Car body shops will only provide an estimate after thoroughly assessing the damage. The cost estimates will vary significantly based on the damage, affected components, severity of impact, and car model. 

Collision repair is critical to restoring your car’s appearance and performance after an accident. The above article has outlined what you should expect when seeking an auto body shop for collision repair.