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How was your week?

We ask that question many times and get all sorts of answers. I know
there are weeks that just seem to drive me into the ground like
a fence
post. It seems that
each problem is trying to outdo the one before it. I'm
sure this only happens to me, right? I'm starting to pray for next
week already. I was scheduled for night shift
, working through
, making it impossible to be here Easter Sunday; my boss had
forgotten about this Christian thing. However, he did reschedule me
for day shift and Sunday off. We serve a powerful God. Today I will
talk about Jesus’s last week here on earth. We think we
've had a bad
; you just can’t be treated much worse than He was. Imagine the
son of the most powerful God
, being treated like He was. It was sheer
love of mankind that
He didn’t destroy us all right then, but He does
love us and that love is the very reason
He had to suffer. It is for our
that He suffered and died on the cross.
God Bless You. Doug Moreland
April 13, 2014