Taking Care of the New Paint of a Car after Repair

Taking Care of the New Paint of a Car after Repair

You have just left the collision repair center with your car looking like new. Basically, you’ve just had a new paint job done on your car. Experts like my friend Chris C. that owns a Windshield Replacement shop, came to explain to me and he was meticulous to make sure and double check that your new auto paint matches the old paint. So, how do you protect the auto body from rust to keep your car looking amazing? Here are tips to guide you.

Inspect the Car for Flaws

Before you leave the collision repair center, inspect your car carefully. Check the paint job to see if there is something wrong. Matching the new paint of a car with the old paint is not easy. Nevertheless, check the paint on a sunny day, from a distance and close to the car. Also inspect the paint job for dirt, overspray and hair. Make sure that your vehicle has an even and smooth paint.

Be Extra Careful with the Paint Job for 30 to 60 Days

The new paint job will be curing for 30 to 60 days after application. Remember that at the auto body shop, there is an ideal environment specialized for curing the paint job. So, once you drive out of the body shop, you should make sure that your car is protected to allow the paint curing and hardening time. Give your car extra care during this time.

Additionally, protect your car from bird droppings, tree sap, and splattered bugs as well as chipping or scrapping at ice or snow. If possible, keep your car away from direct sunlight because UV rays cause fading of paint. This will give your vehicle a dull appearance faster than expected.

Avoid Driving in Construction Zones and Dirt Roads

Dirt and loose gravel are unavoidable. But, if possible, avoid construction zones and roads with dirt. This will protect the paint on your vehicle since it is vulnerable to scraps and chips from flying objects and debris.

Commercial Car Washes

It’s important that you keep your car clean to protect its paint. However, try to hand wash the new paint using cool water and mild soap. Use a soft cloth or sponge that does not scrap the paint off. Avoid laundry or dish detergents and chemicals. What’s more, make sure that you clean the car with clean water without pebbles and dust. Additionally, don’t leave your car to dry out in the sun.

Follow these tips to ensure that the new paint of your car lasts longer without losing its appeal.

Common Misconceptions that people have about Auto Body Repair

If you own a car, auto body repair is a reality that you will face sooner or later. As such, you should know some facts about auto body repair to avoid unnecessary confusion or losses. The following are some of the misconceptions that people have regarding auto body repair. 

You Must Visit Your Car Dealership for Body Repair 

Most people believe that they must always return their cars to the original dealers to do the repairs. However, a professional auto body repair shop has the expertise, equipment and the right products to deliver quality repairs. 

Auto Body Repair Will Change Your Car Forever 

To every car dealer, safety is always given precedence. Besides, professional auto body repair shops understand that any substandard work could have legal consequences. An auto body repair professional always strives to improve the condition of the car to enhance its performance and lifespan. 

The Insurer Decides Where Your Car Gets Fixed 

While the insurance company can recommend some auto body repair shops, the owner of the car has the final say on where to take the car for repair. The insurer will most likely offer options based on their reviews of some auto body repair shops. But, you will engage in a one-on-one with the mechanics and know who can best handle the car. 

Car Insurance Covers All Body Repairs 

The total amount of money required to do all the repairs on your car will depend on the particular type of insurance that the car has. You should be ready to part with the deductible amount on the car insurance. Professional car repair shops can guide you on the amount that the insurance will cover as well as what you will be expected to pay. You should only go ahead with the repairs after knowing the costs. 

While there are other myths about auto body repair, the ones discussed above are the most common that you should keep an eye on. Overall, you need professional auto body repair to improve the integrity of your car over time. 

Ways to Maintain the Value of Your Vehicle

A vehicle is one of the major investments for most people. When you buy your car, you want it to retain its value for a long time. However, vehicles depreciate like other assets. Nevertheless, you can maintain the value of your vehicle even if it will depreciate. With proper care and maintenance, your vehicle will retain a higher resale value longer. Here are some of the ways you can maintain the value of your vehicle. 

Consider Your Vehicle an Investment 

A car is an investment because it’s a depreciating asset. It has a value that you can recoup by trading it in or selling it. But, for you to recoup maximum returns from this investment, you need to take care of it properly. As such, don’t wait for your vehicle to develop a mechanical problem to take it to an auto repair shop. Instead, take your car to an auto body shop for maintenance regularly. Also, treat your vehicle with respect and care. 

Keep Your Vehicle Clean 

Keeping a vehicle clean may seem easier than it is. Many people want to keep the interior and exterior of their vehicles clean. However, this becomes difficult when a person rides in the same car with kids. What’s more, the hectic modern life can leave you no time for taking your vehicle to a car wash station. Unfortunately, failure to clean a vehicle regularly leads to faded carpets, body corrosion, and permanent stains. 

Store the Vehicle Properly 

Don’t store sports equipment and old furniture in your garage. This space is meant for parking your vehicle. Keeping your vehicle in a garage is particularly important in extremely hot or cold climates. Sunlight can fade the exterior of your vehicle if you leave it exposed for a long time. That means your vehicle will end up requiring a paint job sooner if you leave it exposed to sunlight for a long time. Therefore, park the vehicle inside the garage where the environment is controlled. That way, your vehicle will maintain its look and value. 

It’s also crucial to avoid fixing damages to your vehicle. That’s because you’re not an experienced mechanic. If your vehicle develops a problem, drive to a reputable auto repair shop to have it fixed by knowledgeable and experienced professionals. 

Why Frame Straightening is Important for Your Car

Being involved in a car accident is a frightening and stressful experience. Unfortunately, an auto accident can leave you with a bent car frame. Some people think that a bent frame means your car should be scrapped. However, it’s possible to have a bent frame straightened. But, why is frame straightening important for your car?


Frame straightening is very important because it enhances the safety of your car. A straight frame ensures that your car tracks straight while driving on a highway. Straightening the frame after an accident enables you to avoid undue tear and wear on components like the tires.

Structural Integrity

Structural integrity of any vehicle is largely dependent on its frame. Therefore, ensuring that your car has a straight, secure and solid frame is a great way to restore structural integrity after an accident. This ensures that your car will provide proper protection in case of another accident.

Proper Driving

With a bent or damaged frame, your vehicle might not drive correctly. It may also seem to lack alignment more often. For instance, a vehicle with a bent frame can seem to pull one a single side. This can also lead to uneven wearing of the tires. Generally, having more strain and stress put on one side of a vehicle is not good. To avoid this, have the bent or damaged frame of your vehicle straightened by competent professionals.

Let Experts Straighten the Frame of Your Car

When you need frame straightening, make sure that the job is done by experts that understand the crucial role of this part of your vehicle. Essentially, frame straightening is a job that should be done with care and precision using the right tools. That’s the only way to ensure that the structural integrity of your vehicle is restored after an accident.

Choose a reputable auto body shop to get quality frame straightening that’s worth the value of your money.…

5 Steps for Maintaining Higher Car Engine Efficiency

The engine of your car is its central operating system. Unfortunately, most car owners do not take time to look after this vital part of their cars. Generally, you should look after the engine of your car and analyze it frequently. Frequent maintenance of the engine will keep it running smoothly and efficiently. Here are steps for maintaining higher car engine efficiency.

Check the Cooling System of the Engine

The cooling unit enables the engine to keep internal temperatures within the right range. It also ensures that excess heat is transferred out of the car’s engine. Maintaining the cooling unit of your car’s engine is particularly important when going on a long journey. The cooling unit is made of different parts that include the thermostat, radiator, coolant and water pump. These should be maintained properly to keep the efficiency of your car’s engine at its peak.

Facilitate Breathing by Clearing the Nose of Your Car’s Engine

To burn fuel, combustion chambers require air. Essentially, the engine of your car breathes the same way you breathe. It’s therefore important to check the air filters of your car on a regular basis. This ensures that your car’s engine gets the air it needs for efficient operation. Air and fuel are the most important components that provide the energy required the by engine of your car. Therefore, make sure that the nose of your car engine is clear to allow free and efficient entry of air.

Provide New Oil to the Engine on a Regular Basis

Quality engine oil is required to keep your car’s engine clean. The role of oil is to lubricate different parts of the engine. This reduces tear and wear while preventing overheating. If you don’t change engine oil regularly, the engine will sustain serious damage and eventual permanent harm.

Check Fuel Filters

Fuel filters ensure that the engine is fed with clean fuel. This prevents buildup of harmful deposits while preventing fuel supply specks. Fuel filters prevent formation of undesirable substances that can damage the engine.

Get Regular Tune-Ups

Tuning the carburetors of the engine on a regular basis is very important. It’s also important to check the ignition wires, cables, cap, and rotor. Also change spark plugs. Nevertheless, regular tune-ups are not necessary with newer models. That’s because they do not come with ignition wires or the distributors that are found in older models. Instead, they come with lifelong spark plugs.

Following these steps will enable you to maintain higher car engine efficiency.  Additionally, maintain the finish of your car with regular and proper cleaning.